4 Reasons You Should Have an Over Bed Table With Drawers

If you’ve ever dealt with restricted movement due to health issues, chances are you’re familiar with an over the bed tray table – and chances are you’ve probably thought to yourself, “How come I only get one simple tray table to hold everything I need?”

Traditional medical and hospital overbed tables are very basic and typically only offer a single tray to put your food, beverages, and medication on. With all the things that you need and would like to have within reach while you’re bedridden, you would think that the bed table would have a little more storage space, right?

Instead, you have an unorganized mess of food, drinks, remotes, mobile devices, medicine and a lot of garbage, not to mention if you do need something, you will always have to ask someone to get it for you. Your independence is slowly disappearing. It’s time you get rid of those traditional and boring bedside tables and have one that offers extra drawers and storage space so it can make life a lot more comfortable and convenient. The simple solution is having an adjustable over bed tray table that’s equipped with a drawer, and here’s why:

Less Clutter, More Organization

As we mentioned earlier, when you’re immobile you want things to be as comfortable as possible for being in such an unfortunate situation. By having a medical bedside table with a drawer, you get much-needed storage space to have what’s important nearby. It’s perfect to hold remote controls, mobile devices, magazines, books, medication, and more. This also helps keep your tray table clear for more room to hold your food and beverages.

More Independence

When you’re bedridden, you can lose your sense independence, which is frustrating. Now, imagine not having to constantly ask for help or risk hurting yourself by reaching for an item while you’re in this unfortunate state. This is usually the case with a traditional medical tray table, but when you have an added drawer, you can keep what’s important close by and gain more independence to take care of yourself. With medication, entertainment, and food and beverages within reach, the less you have to ask for assistance, the more capable you are to take care of everyday tasks.

Keep Medications and Other Important Items Safe

When you leave medication on top of your bedside table, you run the risk of young visitors getting their hands on them. There is always the unfortunate situation where children can find open medication bottles on top of a tray table and take something that can be harmful to them. And who wants visitors to see their medication? If you have an over the bed tray table with a drawer, you can store all your medication and keep it away from children and other visitors. Not only is it great to store medications but overall it increases safety as you can store any items such as medical supplies that can be harmful to children or others.

Feel More Comfortable

Whether you’re at home or at a care facility, it’s never easy being in a situation where you have to rely on others to bring you what you need. An adjustable bed table with a single tray table helps a little, but can still leave your feeling unorganized and cluttered.

Sadly, there is nowhere for you to put all those important items you need to achieve simple tasks on your own – like making a phone call, charging a tablet or channel surfing with your remote. If you have an overbed table with a built-in drawer and more storage space, you gain more control and feel as comfortable as you can considering the circumstance.

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