Why You Need an Overbed Table When Your Movement Is Restricted

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When you are in an accident, have had surgery, or have any other medical procedures where you are not able to move about freely during recovery, you may be confined to a bed or reclining chair. Having to remain in bed or sitting in a chair all day can get rather boring very quickly. Let’s face it. You can only close your eyes and rest so long.

Eventually, you will want to get up and do the things you enjoy like getting on your computer to check out the latest sales at your favorite stores or checking your favorite social media sites. You might want to read a book or do a crossword puzzle. You may want to enjoy some of your arts and crafts.

Aside from these things, you will probably want to watch TV or play video games. Doing all these things from your bed or from a recliner can be very challenging. That is unless you have an overbed table.

What Is the atHand Overbed Table?

The atHand Overbed Table is different from those bedside tables typically used in hospitals. Instead, it is much more like a portable desk with plenty of storage and LED lighting. Rather than just being a single table that can be adjusted up and down, the overbed table includes storage drawers, open shelves, USB ports, electrical power supply plug-ins, and reading and nightlight LED lights.

For example, if you have to keep your leg elevated from an injury or are restricted to bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy, so you cannot be on your feet, you can still work from your mobile office at home using the atHand table. Things that might seem difficult to get done, like handling paperwork while working on your laptop, are much easier with this type of home furniture solution.

There is plenty of space on the tabletop for your laptop and paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about not having the room you need to work. Once you are done working for the day, the table top turns into your TV tray so you can enjoy your dinner while watching your favorite TV programs. The storage drawers are a great place to keep remote controls, office supplies, or even any medications you need to take.

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What Can I Do with this Overbed Table After I Recover?

Even after you fully recover from your injury or post-surgical procedure, there are plenty of uses and things you can do with your overbed table. The table tray swivels down so you can still take advantage of the storage drawers, shelving, USB and power outlets, and LED lighting.

For instance, you could place the table next to the couch or your favorite chair in the living room. Thanks to the storage, you never have to worry about a lost remote control, gaming controls, glasses, or other such things again. Plus, they are kept hidden away so your end tables do not get cluttered!

For further information or to order your overbed table, please feel free to contact atHand® Overbed Table System at 440-628-9550 today or order direct online now!